CONSULTATION: A consultation involves one of our design team members to come to your home and meet with you to discuss your lighting needs and goals. While there, we will walk through your home to get ideas of your tastes by looking at your furniture and your interior lighting. While inside, we will also look for various vantage points and focal points that are viewable from inside your home. We will then walk around the property to get ideas for meeting the needs and goals that were discussed inside. Once the consultation is completed, we will take those ideas back and formulate a proposal. Once the proposal is completed, we will provide that to you for you to review and to see if you would like us to move onto the next step, the installation.

INSTALLATION: Heinzman Lights at Night installs both low voltage lighting systems and line voltage lighting systems. Our crews will show up and be as minimally evasive as possible to your property, which means that once we leave, you will have a professionally installed lighting system with little to no remnants that we have been on your property.

Kichler is our primary manufacture because their products meet our high quality standards. After nearly 20 years in the industry, we have had minimal issues with any of the Kichler products that we have installed. When issues do arise, their warranties are one of the best in the industry.

MAINTENANCE: After the installation is completed, Heinzman Lights at Night offers a servicing agreement to come and help get your lighting system back to looking like it was recently installed. With freezing and thawing of the seasons, lights can get knocked over and need readjusted. We offer month, quarterly, and annual agreements to ensure your lighting system is function like the day it was installed. We will clean the glass on the fixtures, readjust or relocate fixtures, and check the transformers to make sure they are operating at their maximum efficiency.

Cost of Servicing Agreement

  1. There will be a service charge of $100 for the first hour we are there and $75 per hour for any additional time (lamps and parts not included).
  2. We will reset all timers.
  3. We will clean and adjust all fixtures.
  4. Additional charges will be added for materials and time to repair any damage to your lighting system.

If your system was not installed by Heinzman Lights at Night

If your system was installed by an outside company other than Heinzman Lights at Night, we will evaluate the system and base the maintenance cost on our evaluation. We will check out the types of fixtures, transformers, wire sizing, connections, and overall installation practices and base our evaluation on these items. Once we evaluate the system, we will provide recommendations to bring the system up to highest standards we expect.